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Online courses (MOOCs)

How much time do I need to do a course?

In terms of time, we have a number of opportunities to take part in our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Details of the suggested length of time can be found on Future Learn’s University of Dundee page.
The first course, Citizen Science From Soil to Sky takes approx 4 hours per week to complete over 4 weeks. Once registered for the course you can complete it in your own time, but direct interaction with educators is concentrated on the 4 weeks of the course. After that, if you register to join the GROW Observatory, you will be supported by an online community including soil scientists and other specialists.

How do I know if I am registered for a MOOC?

There are two ways for you to check if you are properly registered.
1) you should have received an email confirmation from FutureLearn (if it’s not in your inbox, check the spam folder)
2) you can log in to FutureLearn and click your initials inn the top right corner and select “My courses” from the drop down menu.

Updated on 22nd November 2018

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