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About Community Gardens Ireland

GROW Place Ireland consists of communities in two priority areas: Donegal (North West) and Carlow/ Kilkenny (South East). Community Gardens Ireland, is a support network promoting the work of new and existing community gardens throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Their aim is to facilitate food growing while empowering local people, of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, to strengthen their communities. Through regular meetings, trainings, garden visits and digital communication channels, Community Gardens Ireland link and share resources, knowledge and information on community food growing initiatives. The initiative enhances networking, exchanges ideas, builds friendships, empowers communities and advocates for sustainable food production.


Joanne Butler and Dee Sewell are the GROW Community Champions in Ireland




Joanne Butler – Community Gardener

Joanne is the GROW Community Champion at for GROW Place Ireland in the North West. She runs the social enterprise OURganic Gardens, facilitating food growing  classes in community gardens and at her home, where she also holds sustainability workshops throughout the year. She is the chairperson of Donegal Community Garden and Community Gardens Ireland. She is also involved in the Environmental pillar of her local PPN, the national public participation network, and with Changemakers Donegal. She is passionate about growing local food , connecting people and sustainable living.

“Through GROW, we have an opportunity to make people aware of what they are doing with their soil, to look at their soil, very closely, to be able to monitor their soil and to engage the citizens within community gardens to become Citizen Scientists. Bringing people together as citizen scientists helps us not only collaborate together and share knowledge on a much wider basis, but help us take a new look at the world and see how we can all play a part in making a difference!”

Dee Sewell – Community Gardener and Blogger

A person looking at the ground and then the sky through a rolled up paper tube
Citizen Scientist photo

Dee Sewell, MCI Horticulture and transformative community educator, is the Community Champion for GROW Place Ireland in the South East. She is managing owner of Greenside Up a provider of horticultural and environmental education that supports and promotes social inclusion, wellness and community development. Dee is Vice Chair of Community Gardens Ireland and has co-designed, advised and worked with many national and local community, social and therapeutic gardening projects.

“GROW is about connecting with people in Europe to find out how everybody is growing and how we can work better together as a european community. A lot of people struggle with soil, they don’t really understand it, so learning more about it is a massive force!”


Join GROW Place Ireland

If you live in Southeast or Northwest Ireland and you are interested in contributing data from your soil, please complete this form.

Contact GROW Place Ireland

Contact: Dee Sewell

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Updated on 8th April 2019

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