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Become a Super Experimenter for the GROW Great Experiment!

Are you planning to run the great GROW Polyculture versus Monoculture experiment in one or more community gardens, in a school or any other place where a wider group of participants can take part? Or are you running multiple versions of the experiment in your own growing site e.g. repeating the experiment in a polytunnel and outside? If so, we want to hear from you!

As a Super Experimenter, you will gain access to a private area of the GROW Forum and become part of a diverse group of people with whom to share your project and exchange findings, ideas and knowledge. Super Experimenters will also receive rewards for their participation and the opportunity to become more involved in GROW, such as highlighting your experiment progress at one of the online meet ups throughout the summer or widening your audience for your community project.

You can show your interest to become a Super Experimenter by posting a message on the Experiment thread of the GROW Forum. In your post, please include:

  1. Name of growing site
  2. Location of the growing site (you can add a city or region if you prefer to not share your specific location)
  3. Details of the growing space/s where you are carrying out the polyculture vs monoculture experiment, e.g. school, community garden, etc.
  4. The average number of people who will be involved in the experiment (a small engaged group is a valuable as a big group!) / type of repeated experiment
  5. Please upload a photo of your space to twitter, instagram, facebook with the hashtag #GROWExperiment, permission to share your photo, a caption describing the image, and the name of the photographer for photo credit. If you don’t have a social media account, please email us these details and your images to media@growobservatory.org
  6. Your question or comment – this can be an idea for increasing engagement in the experiment, a problem you might be facing growing the polycultures/monocultures, etc

Make sure you sign up for the experiment to receive all the updates on the activities and opportunities coming up!

Updated on 24th May 2018