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Community Champion Organization

Calypso is a family-owned olive grove, producing premium quality Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Valorising the ancient variety of Makri, Calypso is the first organic producers in the region, adopting agroecological practices since 2011. In Calypso, the olive grove is treated as a living ecosystem through the application of sustainable methods of autonomous management, following an approach that is in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Soil is considered the grove’s most precious resource, and GROW enables Calypso to sense it and regenerate it in smarter ways.

Calypso website

Community Champion

Pavlos Georgiadis
Ethnobotanist. Sustainable Development Consultant. Agrifood Entrepreneur.

“I am a fourth generation olive grower, passionate about reviving my family’s farm through regenerative agricultural practices. In September 2018 we had an average temperature of 12 degrees higher than previous years, which led to the multiplication of a fungus that eventually caused a 70% loss in our production. Through GROW I am able to combine soil moisture and soil temperature data in order to better control pests in my family’s organic olive grove, for better adaptation to climate change.”

People at GROW Place Greece

Citizen scientist

Kiki Chatzisavva
Biologist. Organic winemaker.

“Taking part in the Changing Climate mission has allowed me to understand the levels of humidity across my vineyard, which directly affect the taste and quality of my wine. I was surprised to discover that the soil moisture levels are higher at the top of the slope, while lower vineyards are drier. I was hence able to adapt the irrigation regime and closely monitor the use of water in the vineyard. Growing can be lonely, but GROW Place Greece has enabled me to connect with other GROWers, exchange know-how and take collective action at local level”

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If you live in Evros & Laconia and you are interested in contributing data from your soil, please complete this form.

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Updated on 8th April 2019

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