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GROW Place Austria

Grow Place Austria

Community Champion Organization

Lebensgut logo
Lebensgut Miteinander is a Community Living Project in a 60 hectare area around an old monastery in the Austrian Alps, which have been running a Community Supported Agriculture scheme, growing vegetables since 2015. The garden sells food plants in spring (April-June), including seedlings to other food communities, community gardens and Co-ops. They have their own seminar center, which they use to organise meet ups with the local GROW Place community.

Lebensgut Miteinander website
Lebensgut Miteinander Facebook page

A photo of Grow Place Austria

Community Champions

Community Champions from Austria
Tatjana Tupy
Community GROWer

Magdalena Resch
Community GROWer

“We want to be part of GROW because it helps us to better understand and improve our soil and further develop our growing practices. We are excited about being in contact with other growers and scientists to exchange our knowledge in our region but also at a European level.”

Community Champion Organization

Hendlberg hof logo
Hendlberg-Hof (Chook Mountain Farm) is situated in the Wienerwald at 720m. Since 2014, the founders of the farm live and work alongside nature, growing food with responsibility and care for the landa fair and just world. They use permaculture and regenerative practices, and an open door approach to learning and knowledge sharing. Through farm demonstrations, seminars and community development, they aim to provide an example of a regenerative lifestyle that can be replicated and attainable for all.

Hendlberg-Hof website

Community Champions

Volkmar Geiblinger
Film Producer and Permaculture Designer

Nicole Geiblinger
Cook and GROWer

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If you live in or near Vienna and you are interested in contributing data from your soil, please complete this form.

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Contact: Volkmar Geiblinger

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Updated on 8th April 2019

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