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About Forward Coupar Angus

Forward Coupar Angus is a community-led development trust founded to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of Coupar Angus and its immediate surrounding area. Its mission is to transform Coupar Angus into a buzzing and safe modern town that all residents and especially families and children enjoy being part of. A town that strives to create opportunities for a better social and working environment, while at the same time aiming to fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the community.


Wendy McCombes

Wendy leads the growing and cooking projects of Forward Coupar Angus, including the community gardens. She focuses on opportunities to improve the economic aspect of the town’s development for people of all ages through education, training and volunteering initiatives which help increase people’s employability and build a foundation for the future.


“There’s a wealth of knowledge out there and there is an absolute desire and a determination to improve things, to take the message out across Europe, and to get more people recruited to understand the real issues behind climate change and what improvements we as growers and farmers can make in our soil.”


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If you live in Tayside or the central belt and you are interested in contributing data from your soil, please complete this form.

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Contact: Wendy McCombes

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Updated on 8th April 2019

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