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The GROW Online Course Programme

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GROW is running three online courses in 2019. You can enrol for free and join an international community of people coming together to establish a Citizens’ Observatory, solving urgent challenges for growers and science.

This learning programme brings together an incredible range of experts in soils, food growing, technology and research. Join us to discover the secrets of soils, climate, growing for food and the power of shared data and knowledge!

You may choose one of two routes through the program: Changing Climates or Living Soils, Growing Food. You can choose the route you prefer or take both. Each route begins with:

Citizen Science: Soil to Sky

What? This first course provides an introduction to the GROW Observatory, soil science, challenges facing soils and potential solutions, as well as an overview of regenerative food growing practices.

When? 11th February for 4 weeks. Recommended hours of study: 4 hours a week, flexible learning. (Even though the course has begun you can still join now and catch up at your own pace.)
Enrol for free here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/grow-from-soil-to-sky/3

After you take this first course, you can then, either choose one of the next two courses or take both:

Citizen Science: Sensing the World

What? This course will introduce you to Earth Observations, satellite missions and citizen sensing. Immerse yourself in the history, present and future of citizen science, open data and DIY technology. Explore how widely available soil sensors combined with satellite data can help us understand and predict our changing climate.
This year the course has an extra week including content on GROW’s latest data art and how to handle and analyse soil sensor data, as well as an introduction to other environmental open datasets for you to carry out your own research.

When? 18th March for 3 weeks. Recommended hours of study: 3 hours a week, flexible learning
Enrol for free here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/grow-earth-sensor/2

Citizen Science: Living Soils, Growing Food

What? Learn about the challenges facing our food and farming systems and solutions to overcome them. In this course you will also be guided through the steps you need to follow to design your own growing experiments. This route will encourage learners to find out more about participatory governance and offer practical information on how to create positive change using citizen-generated data in your garden, local area and beyond.
This year the course will also include content on how to move from data to action, and introduce you to community action and participatory governance. You will also learn to design your own food growing research projects.

When? 13th May for 3 weeks. Recommended hours of study: 3 hours a week, flexible learning
Enrol for free here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/grow-soil-to-food

Be inspired to improve your soil and our planet!

Updated on 28th February 2019