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Taking Part in GROW

How can I can I get involved with GROW?

There are many ways you can get involved, all of them free. You can find full details on this page.

Who can do the GROW Missions?

In 2018 there are two “GROW Missions”. The Changing Climate mission takes place in nine focus areas in Europe, called GROW Places, and the Living Soils mission can be done by anyone, anywhere. The first of those is the one where we are deploying a large number of soil sensors. It is focused in a limited number of areas because a high density of measurements is the most valuable. There is a limited supply of the leading low cost soil sensor we are using in GROW, the FlowerPower. It is not being manufactured anymore, we have managed to retain a good number, and GROW now holds the entire global stock. The second mission also involves data collection, but does not use the sensor. It involves experiments to test regenerative growing techniques. So people can do both missions if they are in those nine locations in Europe, and people can do the second mission anywhere in the world.

How can I take part in GROW Places?

You can take part from your growing space wherever you are, and we will also be supporting growers and scientists on the ground in 9 specific European locations, known as GROW Places. Here we will recruit participants to solve a major challenge for science and help to improve climate change models. We have recruited local community organisations, whom we call ‘Community Champions’ in these areas to help other growers near where they live. If you want to know more about GROW Places and whether you can take part in the Changing Climate mission deploying soil sensors, please go to the website “How can I Get Involved” page where the locations are given and a link to a participant application form.

Can I take part if I don't live in a GROW Place?

Yes! You can take part in GROW by taking our online Citizen Science courses, using the GROW app to find and share planting details, discussing regenerative practices on the website discussion forum and have access to our experts and the articles they publish on soil health and adaption to climate change in Medium GROW stories. And of course our social media platforms help you link with GROW in a different way, have a look at GROW Observatory YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find more information here.

What is the data used for?

Over the course of three years, this project will focus on data gathering about soil using citizen science techniques to develop a EU wide soil dataset. The dataset arising from this research will be only be shared with individuals and communities who have contributed, along with scientists. GROW Observatory consortium partners will conduct research using the dataset to help validate soil moisture monitoring of Sentinel 1, a space mission funded by the EU that maps land surface: forest, water and soil. The overall aim of the project is to provide new information and advice for individual growers and growing communities. This project will create a community of people who grow food in rural and urban areas.

Can I take part in the changing climate mission without a smartphone or tablet?

Unfortunately not. It is necessary that participants in the Changing Climate Mission receiving sensors for free have access to a smartphone or tablet in order to be able to collect and share the data. If you don’t have a smartphone, you may join GROW’s other activities that do not require mobile technology (such as the GROW online courses and the Living Soils Mission). Please check out the GROW website for more information.

Updated on 22nd November 2018

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