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GROW Place Italy

Community Champion: Chiara Corbari

Three people crouching near some plants in a fieldChiara Corbari is leading our new GROW place in Italy. She is a researcher in water science engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Chiara’s interests include parsimonious (frugal, non-wasteful) irrigation with high technical information using satellite drones and numerical modelling with a strong connection with ground information.

“Through GROW I am able to combine these research instruments with data from several soil moisture sensors to better control water use in irrigation with better timing and quantity over different water demanding crops,” Chiara said.
According to Chiara, being involved in the GROW project gives the possibility to transfer research to the farmers’ community with accessible technology. “The sensors are easy to install and the GROW app makes it easy to check data,” she said.

Participating in the GROW project also offers the chance to increase the robustness of the numerical hydrological modelling which Chiara and her team have been using for research in validating soil moisture information over large areas.
In addition, together with other applications of irrigation water needs forecasting, farmers will be able to better control their irrigation with better timing and quantity for individual crop needs.

A soil sensor in the ground near some crops

Updated on 21st October 2019

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