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GROW Place Slovenia

Community Champion Organization: Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

A community champion holding a soil sensor and a person placing a soil sensor in the ground.

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (AIS) is a public non-profit research institution. The main activities of AIS are research and consultancy services in many different fields, such as agriculture, ecology, environment, crop protection, soil properties, animal production, and economics.

Ana Čebin and Dr. Borut Vrščaj are leading GROW Place Slovenia through The Department of Agricultural Ecology and Natural Resources (DAENR). DAENR conducts research in field in sustainable agriculture, protection of soils and other natural resources in agro-environments, preservation of soil quality, emissions and sinks problems in agriculture, integrated use of pesticides against weeds and pests, and soil and environmental geoinformatics. It integrates research and expert institutions and services and provides direct support to farmers, state administration, environmentalists, and educational institutions.

Updated on 21st October 2019

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