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People from the GROW community in Portugal

GROW PLACE PORTUGAL extends in two Priority Areas: one in the Herdade da Ribeira (research station managed by ce3c-Fcul), near Grandola in Alentejo and one at the regenerative project of the Vale da Lama, near Lagos in the Algarve, including the inspiring Quinta do Vale da Lama.

Community Champion Organization

The Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes of the University of Lisbon (ce3c) produces fundamental and applied research in those fields, which integrates life and climate sciences. Their research examines and integrates all levels of biological organization, from organisms to ecosystems, both natural and anthropogenic. Aiming to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, CE3c’s mission recognizes that while producing knowledge is a crucial step to sustainable development, using this knowledge to effectively promote change is just as important. Thus, they aim to combine research with education, outreach and knowledge co-production, translation and transfer to public and private stakeholders.

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Visit the ce3c website

Community Champion

Gil Penha - Community Champion

Gil Penha-Lopes
Researcher of nature-based solutions

GROW Place Portugal – Super User

Quinta do Vale da Lama logo

Quinta do Vale da Lama is a 43 hectares farm in the western Algarve, providing farm-based experiences that empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds to create positive social and ecological impact by living in a regenerative way. The whole farm is a permaculture and regenerative agriculture project that works together with nature. Its founders experiment several ways of growing food, working with biodiversity of plants and animals, redesigning the farm to become a resilient landscape. Their intention is to establish and maintain permanent systems that bring abundance for this and future generations.

Visit the Quinta do Vale da Lama website

Super-user – Walt Ludwig

“The fires in Portugal make soil moisture information especially important for us. Just like the doctor takes your pulse, your temperature, your blood pressure using sensors for different parts of our body, so do we use sensors to monitor humidity in a changing climate. I compare sensor data with data from the weather station, and try to classify moisture retention in terms of slope, aspect, soil type. So I can try different management strategies to reduce desiccation and wilting.”

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If you live in Portugal and you are interested in contributing data from your soil, please complete this form.

Updated on 8th April 2019

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